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Ultra Level Pool

If you do not have a sloping garden or grand view of a lake or countryside, you can install another form of infinity pool called the mirror pool or ultra-level pool or reflection pool. In a mirror pool, the infinity edge is taken around the entire perimeter of the swimming pool. The cost of a mirror pool if it is heated and deep enough for swimming will be a little more than the cost of an infinity pool of the same size with an infinity edge along one long side.

An ultra level pool provides better circulation than an infinity edge pool but is also prone to more heat loss due to a higher water surface area when the overflow edge is operating, and to mitigate that we can design the ultra level pool in a way that it runs as a skimmer pool when it's covered and not in use. 

Ultra Level pools can only be made in tiled finish, and our range of bespoke ultra level pools starts from £24,995 for a 60 cm deep non-heated tiled reflection pool 20 sqm in size (e.g. 5m X 4m or 8m X 2.5m).

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