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Infinity Pool

Infinity swimming pools, as shown above, are also called vanishing edge swimming pools or negative edge swimming pools. One of the popular trends in swimming pool design, an infinity pool gives an unhindered view of what lies beyond the pool to swimmers. The design of infinity swimming pools is highly specialised and it is imperative that all circumstances are considered before the actual construction begins on site. Some of the most stunning pools ever built are infinity pools with a lake, bay, or garden beyond. 

An infinity pool provides better circulation than a skimmer-type pool but is also prone to more heat loss due to a higher water surface area when the infinity edge is operating, but to mitigate that we design the infinity pool in a way that it can be run as a skimmer pool when it's covered and not in use. 


Infinity pools can only be made in tiled finish, and our range of bespoke infinity pools starts from £34,995 for a luxury infinity tiled pool, 15 sqm in size (6m X 2.5m or 7.5m X 2m).

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