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Freeboard Pool

The freeboard swimming pool, as shown above, also widely known as the skimmer pool, is a type of pool circulation design in which the water level is set lower than the surrounding deck or coping, creating a visible "freeboard" or dry area between the waterline and the edge of the pool.  This has been the most popular outdoor pool circulation method in the UK as it enables a more cost-effective option than ultra-level or infinity-edge pools. This design also allows the pool to be finished in a vinyl liner that is both less expensive than tiles and a lot quicker.

In freeboard, the water level is usually regulated around four to six inches below the pool surround. There are now specialist high water line skimmers available in the market now that allow you to fill the pool up to only an inch below the edge, but there would always be a gap (freeboard) in the water level and pool edge, hence the name. The skimmers are active suction boxes sitting on the edge of the pool and drawing off surface debris and body oils.

The freeboard swimming pool is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications and can be designed around modern and traditional surroundings. Generally, the top edging is finished with edge tiling, then the top of the pool wall can also be a border or strip of tiles, while the lower part of the walls and the floor can be finished in tiles or plaster.

Of the four type of contaminants in a swimming pool i.e. floating, suspended, settled and dissolved, the circulation system prioritises the removal of the floating debris (dust, leaves, dirt etc) and in freeboard pools, this job of removal of surface debris is done by skimmer boxes (hence these are also called skimmer pools) installed at the top of the pool wall. 

The suspended impurities are removed by the pool filter (sand or cartridge), dirt settled at the bottom of the pool is lifted by using a pool vacuum (manual or automatic) and the dissolved impurities are tackled by addition of pool chemicals react chemically with the impurities to render them harmless. So filtration, circulation and chemical treatment are all well taken care of in properly designed Freeboard Pools. 


Our range of bespoke freeboard pools starts from £23,995 for a reinforced membrane liner pool or £29,995 for a luxury tiled pool, both 15 sqm in size (6m X 2.5m or 7.5m X 2m).

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