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Deck Level Pool

Deck-level swimming pools, as shown above, got their name from the fact that the level of water is the same as the level of the surrounding pool deck. This creates an effect of continuity that makes the pool area look larger than it is actually, so a deck-level pool is ideally suited for indoor installation. The deck-level pool effect also makes the pool look more modern, so it also goes well with new build development properties where a contemporary look and clean lines are a big advantage.

The primary advantage of overflow is in terms of filtration efficiency. It is generally accepted that the deck level pools offer superior filtration. This is because water is taken from the entire perimeter of the pool, not just in selected sections where the skimmers are situated. 

The overflow channel associated with a deck-level pool can be covered in many ways. The conventional method, and still popular, is plastic grating which is economical and low maintenance. For modern effect stainless steel grating works well, and if you have a traditional setting you can opt for purpose-made stone grating that will match the pool surround. In modern deck-level pools, we sometimes also use a continuous slot around the pool that makes the channel very discreet and offers a very minimalist look. The tiles or stone used for making the slot can be matched to the pool surround making the transition from pool to surround very elegant.

Because the water level in a deck-level pool is the same as the pool surround, there is a need to construct a balance tank to take the water displaced by a swimmer entering the pool. Due to this extra structure and also extra detailing required for the overflow channel and associated gratings, deck-level swimming pools usually are more expensive than skimmer-type pools but are well worth the price.


Deck level pools can only be made in tiled finish, and our range of bespoke deck level pools starts from £34,995 for a luxury deck level tiled pool, 15 sqm in size (6m X 2.5m or 7.5m X 2m).

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